About Jennifer

Jennifer Mohr is an 19 year old girl who has had a lot going on in her life but doesn't try to act like her life was the worst on the planet. She is currently homeless but trying her best to help out her mom to get them a nice home to stay in.

By Erin.

I have known her (Jennifer) for a few years now. She's easy to talk to and a good friend. She's been there and encouraged me through things when I needed her. She's helped me learn some English too! I always enjoy when we talk, we can talk about anything or nothing, and its still just us goofing off. She is a very good friend.

By me, Jinnienn.

I got to know Jennifer when she hosted my fictional characters for free on subdomains of her sites. We didn't have many interactions these years, but the little we did was enough to think of Jenn as a 'friend'. She deserves all the love and support we can give. I wish we lived closer to each other so I could help a little more. Being there with my heart, Jenn!

By Luana.

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